This is the blog of the Learning Lives research group in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Bristol (UK).  We examine the lives of people who are involved in learning; from the teaching practitioner to the student, parent and the professional. All have lives, each of which have been shaped by particular kinds of learning opportunities, interactions and trajectories.
In Learning Lives we ask questions such as:

  • How and in what ways do our lives change, as we encounter different kinds of institutions and opportunities?
  • Can we create learning encounters that give rise to meaningful and empowered learning lives?
  • What stories do learners tell about their lives, and can we use these to help realise individual capabilities, and which also contribute to the different communities in which we move?

To explore these questions and the issues they generate, those of us working in this theme draw upon a range of different disciplines and approaches to research. Most of all, too, we believe that if we are to transform learning lives through the research we do, we must remain closely connected to those individuals and communities in which we research, and the policymakers and practitioners whose decisions and interventions matter and that they can make a difference.

Our blog is intended to be a space for us to share our research and thinking with each other and with a wider audience of potential collaborators, interested observers and like minded folk.

We are committed to sharing our thinking with wider audiences but are mostly passionate about entering into dialogue with anyone who comes across this site – either serendipitously (a word we love) or by design (another word we quite like).



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