To be cool or preferring not to be: Visiting researchers

The Learning Lives group welcome visiting researchers interested in our research areas.  Here Solveig Roth describes her experience as a visiting PhD scholar…

I’ve had the privilege of staying 6 months with the ‘Learning Lives’ research group at the University ooslounif Bristol led by Prof. Keri Facer as a PhD candidate from the Department of Educational Research, University of Oslo. Keri Facer has also been my supervisor. I have found this stay very rewarding. The PhD theses ‘To be cool or preferring not to be’: Young people’s reflections about their learning lives is part of the ethnographic ‘Learning Lives’ study of 60 people from a multi-cultural suburb city in Norway (Prof. Ola Erstad). I have followed 14 young people from this project as they negotiate a variety of social contexts in the course of their everyday lives analyzing the funds of knowledge that are available to them (Roth, forthcoming).

The research group here in Bristol conducts relevant projects that involve also young persons’ learning lives in order to be prepared for the future (global) learning context that is bound to come (e.g. learning in the city). I think that the approach of this group has helped me a lot to put focus on applying new ideas in this new and intensely developing field of research. The way we have worked together in a group discussing articles and papers to be published, the ethics and the knowledge in the feedback process, have put me in a position to understand and get new inklings on my own research. In addition, I have been given the possibility to participate and present my work in many interesting research events and workshops organized by the GSOE along with other international PhD candidates and researchers. I look to continue learning from and (working with) these new colleagues of mine.

Many thanks for this stay!

Solveig Roth, University of Oslo.


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